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    This company is engaged in DIVER related underwater and offshore engineering with prorietory equipment's and manpower. Following categories of job are being carried out presently within air diving limits i.e. up to 55M water depth. The same can be extended up to 100M to 300M range for which experienced manpower is available but equipment & extra manpower will have to procured/ hired.

    Underwater Inspection and Engineering Survey:

    1. Topography survey of seabed, pipeline route etc.
    2. Inspection/ video/ still photography/ NDT of offshore structures, pipelines, hydel, hydroelectric, thermal and atomic power projects
    3. Ships bottom and appendages

    Construction, Maintenance and Repairs:

    1. Marine growth cleaning of ships hull and offshore structure.
    2. Structural repairs to ship, offshore structure and pipelines.
    3. Civil Engineering Constructions including concreting, block placing, pile work etc.
    4. Laying Pipes and Cables, Marine in takes and out falls.
    5. Maintenance dredging.
    6. Demolition and excavations using explosives.


    1. Salvage inspection and feasibility assessment.
    2. Wreck removal.
    3. Salvages.

    Offshore & Oil Field:

    1. Drilling related diving.
    2. Rigs/installations, SBM Maintenance.
    3. Lay barge/ Construction barge related diving.